The hotel is handling the personal information you have entrusted to us by our customers, in strictly on the basis of laws and regulations.

Your personal information (your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your employer, nationality and passport number for foreign customers, such as the services provided at the time of the request, such as cooking), the use of the followingIt will be used only for the purpose.

1) accommodation for the service delivery of meals, etc.
2) for communication, such as a reservation confirmation
3) In order to improve the quality of the hotel
4) for guidance, such as next and subsequent accommodation offer
5) laws and regulations where the of

In addition, 4), it will guide the customers who acknowledge only the target.

The hotel will not provide your personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

1) such as booking arrangements of other tourist facilities when there is a request of customers
2) If the customer is reported to the window of the travel company that became available is required
3) it takes an emergency, such as allowance of sudden illness or your injuries, if it is difficult to get your acknowledge
4) If you want to outsource part of the hotel's business to partner companies
5) If there is a provision request LEGAL

Your personal information will take the necessary safety control measures on the basis of the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations.

1) personal information crying as management of omissions on the basis of a proper storage usage
2) is allowed to acquire the relevant documentation for the hotel's workers, it will be managed so that it is handled responsibly
3) For the partner companies to outsource the work and take the security measures necessary signed a confidentiality agreement

Use stop from customers, correction

1) If we receive disclosure request for registration contents of your person of personal information, we will promptly disclose. If, we will fully please explain why if there is a case that can not be disclosed
2) If we receive your offer of suspension of use from customers, assets and liabilities has been completed, and in a range of laws and regulations, we will respond promptly

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